Sunday, 21 October 2012

MAKE UP BLOG SALE- MAC, Essie, Dior, Gosh

MAKE UP BLOG SALE - MAC, Essie and more

Hi, I'm having a make up clearout. I'm selling many high end items, some of which are limited edition, many of which have only been lightly swatched.

If you would like to buy an item leave a comment below saying which item/s you would like along with your e-mail address.

There will be a £1.50 p&p charge. UK buyers only please. If you buy more than one item the p&p charge will gain an additional 50p per item.

Please pay within 5 working days using paypal.

Items for sale:

Mac MSF in Petticoat- used 2 or 3 times lightly - £8.00

Gosh darling lipstick- swatched a few times - £3.00

MAC lipstick in shygirl - this shade doesn't suit me despite it being a favourite of many. Used 5/6 times - £6.00 - awaiting payment

MAC lipstick in pretty please. Swatched once- too light for me so never worn again. £7.50 awaiting payment

MAC limited edition lipstick - colour me coral - a pretty light peachy coral shade. used 2/3 times lightly. £7.50 awaiting payment

YSL Rogue Volupte lipstick in Nude Beige. Shade 1. This is a creamy pink shade. I have used this maybe 4/5 times. There is plenty more lipstick left in the tube than you can see in the photo- I didn't wind it up very far. £7.50 awaiting payment

MAC lipgelee Limited Edition item in Resort life in venomous villains packaging. A sparkly nude/pink gloss. Used around 3 times. £7.00

MAC limited edition lipgelee in shift to pink - a purple/pink sparkly lipgloss. Used 2/3 times. £6.00

Dior Addict lipgloss. I have had this for quite a while now but only used it once. It is a great Autumn/Winter shade. £5.00

Essie nail polish in Ballet slippers- brand new - £4.00

Essie nail polish in sugar daddy- brand new - £4.00

Sunday, 31 July 2011

FOR SALE MAC Dressmaker LE lipstick


MAC Limited edition DressmakerDressmaker lipstick £12.00 (includes p&p)

I bought this lipstick from the Pret-a-Papier collection earlier this year. Swatched it once or twice but this lipstick is too peach/orange for my fair skin with pink undertones. It's in excellent condition and it is a highly sought after LE item. Please comment/message if you're interested in buying..

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

BLOG SALE- clothes and make-up galore!!


Please have a browse of the clothes and make up which I am selling. Each item is listed with the price I'm selling it for, a brief description with reasons as to why I am selling the item and photographs of the item. 



If you would like to purchase an item please leave a comment below with details of the item/s you would like to buy along with your e-mail address. The item will be reserved to the first person to comment. I will then send you an e-mail and will expect payment within 24 hours from the time of the e-mail I send you.


Items will all be carefully packaged.

Clothing - £2.75 first class Royal Mail for one item (plus £1.00 for any additional clothing items)

Beauty- £1.75 first class Royal Mail for one item (plus 50p for any additional beauty items)

If you would like anything sent special delivery this will be £3.50 for one item plus £1.50 per additional items.

Jane Norman Strapless gown size 10.

Price- £20

I've had this dress a few years but never had an occasion to wear it. It has a peach underlay with a black lace material over the top. It reminds me of a dress Kate Moss once wore a few years back. Would be suitable for a ball or formal event.

French Connection Dress size 10

Condition. As new - never worn.

Front view of dress

Price- £30

I bought this last year with the intention of wearing it to work. However I can't bring myself to get out of the habit of wearing trousers and therefore have never worn it!!! It cost in the region of £100 new and is 45% wool although feels 100% wool. It is perfect for an office environment and feels very luxurious. The photos really don't do it justice- it is a beautiful dress.

Back view of dress- gold chunky zip down the back

ITEM: Miss Selfridge dress size 10

Price - £20

Condition- As new, never worn

This dress has batwing style sleeves but clings to the bottom/thigh area of the body. This style isn't very flattering on my shape which is why I have never worn it outside the house. It is a hot pink colour and would look great for a night out or meal out with friends.

ITEM: Topshop dress size 10

Price- £25

Condition-as new, tried on once

This dress is lovely. My clubbing days are over and I prefer to dress in jeans and a nice top for meals and bars so I just haven't had an occasion to wear this dress. I think it cost around £50 new. It is a strapless dress and comes to just above the knee on me but I'm only 5'2.

ITEM: Topshop 'Moto' mini denim skirt size 10

Price- £8

This is a canary yellow micro mini skirt! It is perfect for holidays and nights out. I was obviously feeling very brave when I bought this but haven't ever had the confidence to wear it out in public. It is a very cute item and  perfect for summer!!! It has frayed edges and frayed detailing on the front (it was designed this way).

ITEM- Stila lip gloss

Price- £5.00

Description- Stila lip polish in the shade 'glow' which is a nude/coral/peach. Looks similar to the colour of Mac's shy girl lipstick. The photograph makes it look darker in shade than it is in real life. I'm selling this because I bought it as a back up but I have far too many lipglosses so decided to sell.

Condition- Unused

ITEM- 2x plumping lipgloss by Too Faced - PENDING

PRICE £5.00 for the 2 lipglosses

Description- Lip injection extreme lip plumping treatment by Too Faced brand. I think these liglosses are mini sized but I'm not sure. One is in the shade 'techno kiss' a pink with gold shimmer and the other is in 'Techno Buff' a golden beige nude shade. I tried one of these on and my skin is far too sensitive for these and it stung like crazy which is why these are up for sale. Be wary if you have sensitive skin.

ITEM- Christian Dior lipgloss


Condition- swatched once or twice. Packaging as new.

Description- Rouge dior creme de gloss in the shade 441 Creamy Rose- Its hard to describe the colour of this one as can vary from corally to red to pink in different lighting.  It's a very thick, creamy textured gloss- more like a liquid lipstick. I felt it was too heavy for my liking- I prefer more sheer, light coloured glosses. The packaging is very attractive and luxurious.

ITEM- Urban Decay Lipstick

Price- £4.00

Shade- 'Indecent'
Description- Interesting, exciting purple packaging- a statement piece! The colour is a corally orange shade with fine silver glitter. Condition is as new- it has been swatched once or twice but I prefer pink shades- this was too orange for my cool toned skin which is why I am selling it.

ITEM- Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

Shade- Rose Gold  no 8

Price- £5.00

Condition- Packaging as new, Product swatched a few times (see photograph)

Description- This eyeshadow just doesn't suit my colouring which is why I'm selling it.

ITEM- Benefit Hollywood Glo Liquid Highlighter (Discontinued hard to get hold of item) - PENDING

Price- £10

Condition-Unused. Comes with original box and instructions

Description- This is a now discontinued item. It is a beautiful liquid highlighter. It gives a shimmery glow and is perfect on all skintones. It gives a pink/beige shimmery glow and can be mixed with foundation or used alone. Could be used on the face or body. It comes in a lovely delicate glass bottle which would look beautiful displayed on any dresser. As it has been discontinued it is a highly sought after item. When I found out it was being discontinued I bought a few back ups but because it lasts for such a long time I realised I will never get through all of my bottles so have decided to sell it.

ITEM- Clinique All About Eyes Concealer
PRICE- £8.00
Condition- As new- swatched once

Description- An under eye concealer in shade Light Neutral. I bought this without trying it on assuming it would be suitable for my fair skin. However, it is slightly too yellow toned for my pink, cool toned skin which is why I'm selling it. Costs £16.00 new.

I hope that you find something that you like on my blogsale.Don't forget to leave a comment with your email address if you're interested in any of my items!!! Thanks!!! :-)

Monday, 20 September 2010

Kim' 500 Followers Contest

Question- what is your current favourite make up brand and why?

My favourite make up brand has got to be MAC- I adore the vanilla scent of their lip products. I also like their blushers and enjoy the pretty packaging of LE items!
Question- What are your top 5 favourite lipsticks? 

My 5 favourite lipsticks are blankety (mac)- my everyday work colour, modesty (mac), YSL Rouge Pur 148 tea rose-  pretty pink with a hint of peach, myth (mac) and Revlon Pink Pout.

Kim's MissKC027 500

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cinema trip and Review and a little beauty buy- 17 Precious Metals

Well, I've been busy the past couple of days however today I had nothing on the agenda and hadn't planned anything or even thought about what I'd do. I didn't set my alarm and woke up around 9.30. Lazed around for a few hours watching tripe such as Jeremy Kyle and This Morning before deciding on an action plan....I checked the cinema listings and decided to go to see a film...ALONE. Now this is something I have always wanted to do but never had the courage to do it. So today I plucked up the courage and went to see The Killers as it was between that and 'Get Him To The Greek' but The Killers was on at a more convenient time so The Killers it was!!!

Now in order to get to the cinema I go through town so I popped into Boots along the way and perused the 17 aisle- something I haven't done since I was about 12 but I have heard good things about their nail varnishes and their mirror shine lipsticks. They had a new collection on display- precious metals and what stood out to me was the Bronzer which looks similar to the Bobbi Brown highighters with four stripes of varying shades. I didn't swatch it as they didn't have any open testers but as it was a bargainous £4.50 or something I took it straight to the till to purchase!

After swatching it, I would definitey not call it a bronzer- it is shimmery with little colour payoff and is definitely more of a highlighting product. It reminds me of the Dior Amber Glow highlight although I do not own this product and I am just going by what I have seen on other peoples blogs but if you are strapped for cash and would like a highlight this is definitely a good option as a lot of the cheaper brands don't often stock highlighters.

I would also recommend the film the killers and if like me you're an Ashton he looks AMAZING in this film- crisp white shirts and black suits -yum!!!!! I didn't have high expectations for the film so I was pleasantly surprised when I watched it!! Got quite a few laughs so it was worth going, as it was during the day it was quiet and I didn't feel too conspicuous sitting alone. There were a few other couples and another lone viewer.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

England lost the World Cup but the Sun is Shining!!!

Erghhh the weather is sooo warm here that I can't sleep. I'm English- I'm not used to the weather being above 15degreesC!!! Seriously, anything above 22C is like a heatwave over here- everybody gets excited and wears practicaly next to nothing, the men take off their t-shirts and expose their pale flabby chests and the women don their new brightly coloured dresses and mini skirts and vest tops. It's quite amusing, people from the tropics must come over and think we're mad! Unfortunately I hate my legs so they stay covered up.

So, yes the weather over here has been rather pleasant which means everybody is in high spirits! We also get very excited over the world cup and think we have a chance of winning it (ha), yup this happens every four years yet we never learn!!! However, today England got well and truly thrashed by our good old friends the Germans who beat us 4-1 (oh dear!). I'm quite glad it happened on a Sunday and not a Friday or a Saturday as the pubs and bars in town would be full of drunken idiots. People seem to get very emotional over football and you do get caught up in it all, however, there are limits and I think well it's a shame we lost but it's not the end of the world. But some people really do act like it is such a it's the worst thing that could possibly happen. All I can say is that those people must have had pretty easy lives if that is the worst tragedy they have had to face. Not only that, but it was a predictable tragedy. In fact it's not even a tragedy!!! Ok, so it means that the excitement of the world cup will have diminished and some dreams will have been blown out of the water...but that's all they are....dreams. Looking at England's (drab) performances, we were never going to win the world cup this year....we never had a chance. So why has that fact has only just hit people now?! It was going to happen at some point. We lost. Boo Hoo. It's a GAME. People haven't been killed. The world hasn't ended. There is no disaster..we just lost a game because simply we weren't good enough!

I do understand peoples frustrations with the team...we have players who are sooo hyped up, they are rated amongst the best in the world, the cream of the why is it that when they play as an England team they don't perform?! It's a mystery. For example Wayne Rooney...if I didn't know that he was an excellent premiership player I wouldn't have noticed him. It is quite shocking to think that those are the best players our country can offer. It makes me wonder whether the premiership is such a good thing for English look at the top 5 or 6 teams and how many of the players are actually British? How much time and effort is being put into finding the best talent at a young age and investing in that talent? Or is it all about money. Are we just buying in the best? The Premiership wages anger a lot of people and it could be argued that the Premiership is not helping England, Wales or Scotland as nations when it comes to the World Cup.

Football, Football
A tremendous Sport
One cup over which,
Nations have fought
Yet we must realise
It's all a game
To let it cause anger
Would be a real shame
Of course we must be proud
For our country to score
When a goal is created
We hear the crowds roar
It brings us together
But unfortunately,
When the goal is disallowed
We crucify the referee
Yes it was a bad decision
Of that we all could see
But keep it in perspective
Especially you Rooney
Football brings us together
But also tears us apart
Keep in mind it's all a game
And keep England in your heart

Thursday, 24 June 2010


So I called in the good old body shop on Monday and had a look at their clearance items. I do find the body shop to be rather on the pricey side and don't like to pay full price for their products. Anyway, I needed a new body moisturiser and I like the body shop butters, but not for 12 quid, especially as I tend to use quite a lot in one go. Luckily a selection had been reduced to a fiver. I decided on the Almond one which literally smells good enough to eat! Yummy! My beady eyes, hunting for bargains then landed on a lonely pretty pink blusher which was the last of it's kind but didn't have a price attached.

Oh well, I decided to get it anyway but hoped it was reduced and that someone hadn't just plonked it down in the sale section. I then chose two hair products- the banana hair conditioner and a brazil nut hair conditioning mask which was reduced to a fiver from £8. I waddled upto the counter, cradling my products and put them down in front of the smiley sales assistant. She scanned in my items and the blush came up as three quid- result!! The blush is one from a LE Roseflower collection. It is a very pretty pale pink with subtle gold sparkles. Definitely one to brighten up my dressing table and worth £3. It's quite pale so could be used as more of a highlight or beauty powder, so I was very pleased with that purchase.

The nice lady at the counter also told me that the brazil nut hair conditioner is to be used as a pre-wash- basically grab a dollop and massage it through your hair, leave it for about 15 minutes, or even overnight, then shampoo and condition as usual. I left it for about 10/15 minutes and didn't have particularly high expectations for it, but it actually worked and my hair felt much silkier after use. I have quite coarse, dry hair which doesn't often feel particularly nice. However, this mask really did give it the silky feeling that you get when you come out of a salon. It might be a bit too intense for very fine or greasy hair but if you have dry, damaged or chemically treated hair this could be a winner!